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    CHANNELS is all about being independent and free. And it gives you the key to financial freedom — a way to earn good money from anywhere in the world.

    Your office is your smartphone, your working hours are chosen by you. And the sky is the limit to your potential income.

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    CHANNELS is here to let you pay less for the things you buy. This is done by applying discounts, by cherry-picking special offers, or just by using our very attractive rates on money transfer and exchange.

    With the right timing you can even pay as much as nothing for certain special offers from our partners.

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  • Protect your future today
    CHANNELS protects you from dangers of the digital world. Your money and your personal life are protected by military-grade cryptography.

    You can also make safe investments, protected by the power of blockchains - right inside CHANNELS.

    CHANNELS uses the most advanced technology to keep you safe.

    Keep your money and your future safe with CHANNELS.
  • We have built a bridge between the classical financial system of today and that of tomorrow. It was impossible to imagine a mobile phone in the 19th century without having even a wire telegraph yet. And similarly today we present to you an evolutionary step in finance and life, EXSCUDO. Invest, manage your money and shop with maximum comfort, free from borders.
    Andrey Zimine
  • You and me, we all worry each day about lots of things. Risks are everywhere and should be well taken care of. With the help of EXSCUDO products and services, we can stop worrying about many important things: sending money, storing values or just privacy while talking. You are now protected by one of the most advanced blockchains of today. And it should be that way forever.
    Alex Sitnikov
  • Being active in the financial sector for more than 10 years and understanding the complexity and difficulty of this specific sector, it is my mission as a member of EXSCUDO team to provide our clients with a product that is easy and safe to use for solving all their financial needs through one Exscudo system.
    Julian Kossinov
  • Communication and payments are the foundation of our everyday life. When we are talking about the new Internet and mobile services, these also correspond to the basic level of the Maslow’s “Pyramid of Needs”. And it is the EXSCUDO and EON projects that do link you to the new Internet and the new banking, today.
    Dmitry Ivanovsky
    Project Director
  • Great products call for a matching customer service. This is something we at Exscudo have never lost sight of: when helping customers, collecting feedback and requests for change, or accumulating knowledge and sharing it. Enjoy fastest in industry response times, agents going countless extra miles in whatever direction you point, and best support practices flexibly tuned in each specific case, to make your experience as smooth as possible, and your voice - heard by decision makers of the company.
    Timur Guseynov
    Head of Customer service
BLOCKCHAIN solutions
  • EXSCUDO Exchange
    EXSCUDO exchange is made by Traders for Traders.

    It combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges and offers highest levels of fund protection. All assets are stored in blockchain storage.
  • Mobile Multi-asset Wallet
    All your savings can now be safely stored in your pocket that is now much safer than your bank.

    The Wallet is designed to offer unparalleled levels of security, flexibility and privacy, powered by EON blockchain. You can send money abroad in a matter of seconds or invest it in various digital and traditional assets.
  • Mobile Corporate Messenger
    EON Technology allows user to transfer text messages through a decentralized network, protecting data from interception and decryption, without additional pressure on the EON blockchain itself.
  • Advanced Payment Solutions
    EON technology reduces expenses in the transactional sector and raises the productivity of the network to up to 10,000 transactions per second without losing safety and reliability.

    Complete transparency and legitimacy of data, which could have been “added” to the existing system of document flow.
  • EXSCUDO Trading Terminal
    EXSCUDO has developed a professional desktop trading Terminal just to suit the needs of a professional Trader.

    Being Traders ourselves for more than a decade now, we have invested all our experience and skill in this product.
  • Flexibility and Effectiveness
    Flexibility and effectiveness of the technology are achieved through a lowering of the load on the EON platform. The decentralized network assumes the critical function connected with safety.

    At this time, the less critical data, such as avatars and pictures, are stored with external service providers.
  • Security
    In order to provide security for the EON technology, the NaCl library is used. The algorithm of the electronic signature Ed25519 is used as a quick and strong option on the elliptical curves of EdDSA.

    In this way, the EON blockchain is secure against different types of cyberattacks, which is of the utmost importance today.
  • Decentralization
    In EON, every user becomes a part of the network and raises his own peer instance. We are interested in keeping the EON Blockchain decentralized.

    Many advantages of decentralized blockchain communities have been discovered through the study of Bitcoin.
  • Scalability
    In the architecture of EON technology, there is a large potential for scalability.

    All information, that could potentially lead to the fast growth of the blockchain remains outside of the system on third party services.