Exscudo ā€“ Nextgen Financial Ecosystem


Launch EON Testnet

  • EON blockchain was "scaled down" due to Merkle tree implementation;
  • The peers are enabled to participate in block generation;
  • Dynamic map and public monitoring of EON net
  • Public accounts functionality;
  • Multi-signature functionality;
  • Access to the peer's private API;
  • Blockchain explorer web pages;
1st Quarter 2018
  • Open beta testing of the exchange EON blockchain main net
  • Launch of trading on the exchange
  • Launch of the chat wallet app (decentralized secure messenger and multi currency wallet)
  • Launch of the exchange services (listings server, web-services of multi currency wallet)
2nd Quarter 2018
  • Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for Android
  • Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for IOS
3rd Quarter 2018
  • Launch of accounts with the integration of fiat currencies and launch of branded cards
  • Launch of merchant-platform
  • Launch of full trading terminals with expanded functions (Linux, macOS, Windows)