Exscudo Exchange

is a professional and legal instrument for trading
  • the first centralized exchange with blockchain access layer
  • variety of trading instruments
  • all liquidity in one order book
  • FIX/FAST and FIX/SBE protocols high-performance core
  • high-performance core

We have combined the best features of centralized and
decentralized exchanges:

  • high performance of the central core
  • secure architecture
  • proof of liquidity and security of funds by means of the
  • creation of any assets through tokenization
  • a powerful system for technical analysis

Various assets trading on one platform:

  • fiat currencies (EUR, USD, JPY)
  • cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, EON and 50 more)
  • futures on currency pairs and commodities
  • cryptocurrency option trading
  • REPO
  • dark pools

Extensive connectivity for

  • brokers
  • HFT systems
  • technical analysis systems
  • FAST/FIX protocols support
  • JSON/WebSocket protocols support
  • easy integration of our API for the user

EXSCUDO Trading Terminal

EXSCUDO has developed a professional desktop trading Terminal just to suit the needs of a professional Trader.

Being Traders ourselves for more than a decade now, we have invested all our experience and skill in this product.