• secure messaging all over the world
  • money transfers directly in chat
  • privacy-enhanced messenger for your business
  • secure messaging with your community and
    ICO investors


  • easy to use mobile blockchain banking
  • euro, usd, btc, eth in one app!
  • easy deposit from any bank card
  • transfers to other banks in real time
  • you can issue a card tethered to the wallet

Simple app in your smartphone!


Securely chat with friends and business partners


Share information with your friends and followers

Send money

Make immediate transactions to your contacts within the chat

Send money

Make immediate transactions to your contacts within the chat


Pay for goods and services with cyber currencies, using your cellphone or our debit card


Instantaneous currency exchange with minimal exchange spread


Monitor all your transactions using immediate notifications

Send money

Make immediate transactions to your contacts within the chat


Your payments are anonymized from any unauthorized access

Protected accounts

Create your own secret key and nobody else can access your account


Your messages and payment data are encrypted


The app's architecture enables more security and accessibility all over the world

Channels reduces the risk of fraud
and phishing for your ICO!

During the ICO, teams and participants face a huge number of fake accounts, phishing sites and fraudulent wallets.

Channels solves the problem of fraud through comprehensive verification:

  • official verified chat for your project will not allow scammers to deceive your investors
  • verified employees of the company are marked with a special icon in the official ICO chat
  • verification of the project's webpage will reduce the risk of going to phishing sites
  • verified smart contracts fundraising provide money transfers to the project, rather than scammers

Protected verified chats for your ICO

  • no scam and fake accounts in your group
  • verification of your employees for official communication
  • verification of your official EON-ID, chat, site and smart contract
  • even if the admin of the chat wants to delete it, we can restore all communication