6 Use-Cases Of Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency

Most people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies, but there are more use cases of the technology than you probably think. In this article, we will highlight six promising blockchain applications and mention some decentralized projects built around them. What are the best use cases of blockchain In Our Opinion Blockchain has many applications beyond cryptocurrency and...

Olga Shirimova
February 6, 2020

Digital Economy: Myth or Reality?

Is digital economy the future of the world, or just another experiment that will have little influence on the way the financial system works? Before answering this question, let’s briefly explore the reasons why the token-based digital economy can potentially disrupt the existing order and take the interaction between individuals, authorities and businesses to a...

October 4, 2019

Cross-border money transfer: Banks vs Blockchain

Today, the borders between countries become increasingly transparent and common to cross. Approximately, 1.4 billion tourists travel abroad every year. Сompanies source services and various goods in other countries, where they find better prices. People, unable to find a job at home, migrate for work to other countries, where their skills are in demand. There...

October 2, 2019