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Payment App For Crypto Users: 5 Things To Fix On…

Cryptocurrencies becoming more democratic and widespread, a lot of non-tech people face the challenge of choosing a good tool for [...]

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Top Crypto Trends Of 2019: Stablecoins, Security Tokens And More

Last year was rather turbulent for the crypto community, with prices plummeting over 80% from the peak, and many people [...]

Banks And Blockchain: Why Financial Institutions Adopt The Technology?

Lately, we have heard a lot of news about major banks expressing interest in the distributed ledger technology. JPMorgan launched [...]

Shopping and payment: 5 big trends to follow

The popularity of online stores grows with every year – more and more people see shopping as on-the-couch activity. Naturally, [...]

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6 Types of People That Would Love Using Channels App

The Channels payment app is designed with user’s convenience in mind – the primary goal was to create a financial [...]

Crypto charity: Unusual fundraising campaigns made easier

We have already mentioned that charity and fundraising are among the sectors that may benefit most from the blockchain tech [...]

Digital Economy: Myth or Reality?

Is digital economy the future of the world, or just another experiment that will have little influence on the way [...]

Cross-border money transfer: Banks vs Blockchain

Today, the borders between countries become increasingly transparent and common to cross. Approximately, 1.4 billion tourists travel abroad every year. [...]

Donating in crypto: Why giving your digital money to a…

We have already talked that receiving crypto donations could be good for charities and listed the reasons:   It is [...]

Audio and video calls: how to talk safely through a…

Privacy & security issues are the constant source of concern when it comes to using messenger apps. More and more [...]