Vote for Exscudo future

July 9, 2018

Exscudo team gives to all Exscudo investors an exclusive opportunity to decide how EON tokens distribution should going.

Our first decision was to distribute EONs with six airdrop waves.  A part of our community has another opinion and we have heard them.

So we make a fair voting to see what our investors really want.

We have two strategies:

  1. Distribute multiplier tokens in six airdrop waves, which are sticked to our big updates and launches. The first one is going to be this summer – adding fiat to Exscudo exchange.
  2. Distribute multiplier tokens in July.

From one hand we can distribute all the tokens at once and forget about it.

From the other hand, we want to widen Exscudo’s audience because with every product release of the exscudo platform EON value will rise. So we aim to create a system with many users, which will make more transactions, thus more tax fees to the node owners. So let’s imagine what will happen if we distribute all the tokens at once. Some will set up master nodes, some will sell EONs on the exchange. Master node owners will set up nodes very fast, it will make EON more distributed in the short run. Master node owners will have to pay for their servers, however their nodes will not be profitable for some time, because of low Txs number in the blockchain. What will they do next? They will turn off their nodes, sell EONs and leave the project.

We have created two public wallets, where you can transfer 0.00001 EON from one person. We will count only one transfer from each EON ID.

We will use “proof of stake system” for counting votes, which is also used in EON blockchain. We all know that we have a lot of bounty hunters among us and we don’t want them to impose their rules on the whole community. That’s why we will count the balance of wallets of voters at the end of voting, not the total number of votes.

I’ll give you an example:

For option 1, 1,350 votes were transferred. The total balance of the wallets on July 12 is 100,000 EONs.

For option two, 1,400 votes were transferred. The total balance of the wallets on July 12 is 50,000 votes.

The winner is Option 1

Voting will last until July 12th, so everyone can transfer 0.00001 EON from Exscudo Channels App to public wallets.

Option1 (Distribute multiplier tokens in six airdrop waves): EON-86KCW-FPH6M-TQFRN

Option2 (Distribute multiplier tokens in July): EON-HH5PW-QJBNW-GF6HU

I remind you that for voting you should make a transaction (0.00001 EON) from you wallet in Exscudo Channels App or your node to public wallets. Please, don’t vote from exchange account, because we will not count this votes.  

Voting ends on July 12 at UTC 9 am. 

And later that day, when Exscudo team will calculate the results, you should transfer all you EONs from Exscudo exchange to you wallet in Exscudo Channels App to let us see how many EONs do you have.

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