Testnet launch update

August 7, 2017

We know you have been waiting for a long time to know when our testnet is launched. Finally, the news is here: EON blockchain testnet will be launched on October,4!

Why delay?

There are several reasons. The most important one was mentioned before, and it is security. We want our product to be literally bulletproof, therefore we need some more time to test all the possible vulnerabilities. Basically, there are three things for us to fix before the launch to be sure that everything will proceed smoothly.

  1. Internal testing. System testing is never less difficult that its development. What our devs are doing now can be described as a “stress test” for EON blockchain. Within our system we need to check every possible option to be sure it is really safe and nothing will happen to it in future, especially against the background of recent events.
  1. Developer documentation development. We are also preparing clear descriptions of functions and their usability for developers, that will be published on our website.
  1. Code refactoring. We are looking for a really beautiful code. First, because it will be released on Github (also on October,4) and it should be readable and understandable for everyone interested in programming. Then, we want it to be extensible and easy to maintain, so our devs could  fix bugs and improve net capabilities in a very short time.

More details on what will happen on October, 4

We will launch the testnet first with the minimum of functions. After that every week or even more often we will add more functions. With this interactive approach we will be able to check all of them with the same scrutiny.

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