Stress test of Exscudo Exchange is on

June 15, 2018

Dear friends, Exscudo team has successfully updated Exscudo exchange after the first users stress test. There were some bugs which you helped us to find and now they are fixed.
Exscudo test exchange is ready for the second wave of user test.
We are glad to hold the second stress test today on
To participate in the stress test and to help Exscudo project you need:
1. to sign up at;
2. to trade on the exchange.
Our system will automatically deposit test tokens to your account on the test exchange. Remember that tokens are not real, so trade them all!
Out timelines:
Stress testing starts on June 15 at 12.00 (GTM+0) and lasts till June 15, 18.00 (GTM+0)
Functional testing starts on June 15 at 12.00 (GTM+0) and ends on June 18 at 10.00 (GTM+0)

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