Q&A with Andew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo

April 13, 2018
  1. Will the EON coins that were not included in the ICO sale be locked up? Will the internal distribution addresses be publicly available?

The internal distribution addresses will be public. We are still discussing what to do with EONs which were not sold during the ICO. As soon as a decision is made, we will inform the community.

  1. Have you completed legal processes? What are the obstacles if legal procedures are not available?

We’ve submitted all necessary documents for legalization. Now completion of the process depends on the work of the competent authorities.

  1. Clarus.tech  the parent company of Exscudo. Do they currently have a portfolio of existing Stock Exchange tools for trading, Stock Exchange terminals and stock exchange software that is being used by other companies or institutions? Or is Exscudo its flagship model?

Clarus.tech isn’t involved in the development of third-part projects from Exscudo related to the exchange and trading. At the same time Clarus.tech helps the EON development and Exscudo partner projects.

  1. Is the EON Blockchain Main-net ready?

Technically blockchain mainnet is ready. But there is no sense to launch it without other products. We have to release three products at once: EON blockchain itself, Channels mobile app and the exchange.

  1. It’s been 3 weeks since the Beta Exchange link has been given. Are there problems getting the Beta Exchange to full function and connected to the Main-net for testing?

Now we are expanding exchange functions and testing them. At the same time our devs are correcting bugs which you send to [email protected]. Soon we will update the beta version of the exchange.

  1. Could Exscudo do a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and get that to market and then continue to work on improvements?

Exscudo indeed uses this workflow. We released beta version of Exscudo exchange, we invited you for Channels beta test. Now we are working to improve these products and release their main versions.

  1. How far are we away honestly and realistically in getting the EON blockchain and Exchange launched and Investors EONs available to trade and run master-nodes?

We are planning to release Exscudo exchange on May 14. Since then you can start to trade EON. EON blockchain will be launched in couple of days.

  1. How many EONs will be driven to the market at the beginning? Circulating Supply? Total Supply? Max Supply ?

First we will give out all EONs which were bought through ICO and all EONs for the bounty campaign. This number of EONs will circulate in the market. Our total emission is equal to 240 million EONs.

  1. What were the regulatory delays that caused the delays last year? What had to be changed with the original products? Is there a change in the Whitepaper?

Due to the change in the money laundering and Terrorist financing prevention Act ” Information Technical tools for identifying and controlling technical requirements and procedures”  paragraph 15, point 1 and paragraph 30, point 6, we have been forced to change the full Know your client (KYC) and Anti money laundering (AML) procedures of our system.

The changes required us to identify our clients in using Digital identification solutions, this all needed to be developed and integrated with our system.

  1. Can we add version numbers to the exchange? Major.Minor.Build.Revision is an example that would help? Perhaps this could be included within the footer element of the exchange with a url to the release notes?

We will discuss this possibility in our team. We agree that this will add transparency in the development process.

  1. Are there plans for an official windows / Linux wallet? When mainnet launches with the exchange, how do I move my coins off the exchange?

As soon as we release Exscudo exchange we will also release Android and IOS mobile wallets. Soon after that we will work on Linux, MAC and Windows desktop wallets

  1. Are we going to see a better UI for the full Exchange? Currently it is very plain.

Sure, this version is a draught for main exchange. We will improve its functionality in accordance with our priorities.

  1. The EON price will determine the market. That’s right. But Exscudo will set the opening price. What is the opening amount?

The EON  price will be the same as at the moment of ICO considering the multiplicator factor.

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