Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company is now legal adviser of Escudo

April 12, 2017

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Exscudo has engaged law firm (Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company) to advise it on the legal side of provision of alternative means of payment.

Inter alia, Exscudo has engaged (Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company) to advise regarding the compliance procedures for private users as well as for companies and organizations willing to manage fiat currencies. Since different jurisdictions have different requirements concerning the KYC procedure, Exscudo starts with the Estonian legislation and proceeds to general EU specifications.

As a consequence, Exscudo will be able to open merchant bank accounts in the EU jurisdiction. This will enable the company to manage fiat currencies as a financial organization.

“We are excited to welcome the law firm (Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company) as our legal adviser. Our team is absolutely convinced that the vast cross-industry expertise of (Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company) will help Exscudo provide high quality financial services for our clients all over the world”, – says Andrew Zimine, CEO and Founder of Exscudo.

The partnership provides for a quality guarantee for Exscudo partners and users in terms of legal compliance and reliability.

The ICO of Exscudo begins on April 25. Pre-orders are available from April 13.

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