Open beta testing of the Exscudo exchange to be launched in January

December 15, 2017

Due to prolonging testing of EON blockchain testnet we decided to postpone the launch of Exscudo beta exchange until January. However, this fact will not have impact on the actual exchange launch, which will take place in Q1 2018.

Exscudo exchange is a tool for real-time trading operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Exscudo suits every user: the site has a simple interface for a user with minimal knowledge, as well as an advanced view and APIs for professional market participants with trading terminals and automated systems.

Beta Exchange is the early version of Exscudo exchange, and its open testing is another important step in project development. Users will be able to test the following features:

  • Register the account
  • Get access to market data
  • Perform trade operations
  • Chat with other users

Please, be aware that coins circulating into the beta exchange have no real value and are for testing purposes only. They are invalid in the alpha exchange and can be neither transferred, nor used there.

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