Nimera Weekly Development Report 25.12.2020

Ivan Skladchikov
December 25, 2020
Dev update 3

Merry Christmas to all of you!

We continue to work hard during the holidays, primarily on the Channels updates for Android and iOS, which will be available in the stores soon. Other products are getting updates as well, with the current focus on the further transition to Nimera and QoL fixes and improvements.

General changes for Nimera include improvements for the KYC process, new coins and pairs are also in work, expect more to be added to Wallets and Swap in particular in the near future.

Nimera Swap (v3.1.14):

  • Fixed the old email address being displayed in some messages;
  • fixed the issue preventing from signing up from some personalized pages;
  • fixed transaction issues for NEP5-based coins;
  • updated icons for some coins;
  • various back-end improvements.

Channels (Android v2.17.1):


  • fixed the issue with basic functions being unavailable for newly registered user;
  • fixed the issue of “Secure communication” link leading to a new chat;
  • fixed the exchange operation displaying the wrong rate after choosing an unavailable currency;
  • fixed an issue that resulted in showing a message with a request of verification documents after an exchange operation for users with unfinished, but sufficient for exchange operations verification level;
    fixed the issue of the user being sent to the app starting screen after choosing a language;
  • fixed the issue of indefinite registration window;
  • — fixed registration forms not being validated if the entered values end with space;


  • Tier 1 KYC doesn’t require email address anymore;
  • links to documents have been updated;
  • crypto acquiring is working properly now;
  • updated the data collection algorithm for stories;
  • stories screens can be swiped now;

That’s all for this week, happy holidays!

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