Nimera Weekly Development Report 11.12.2020

Ivan Skladchikov
December 11, 2020
Niimera dev-update-1

With this report we are introducing a new category of regular updates to give our community an overview of the development process. These reports sum up the updates and changes made in the past week, as well as give information on our future plans.

Following the release of the Swap on the 2nd of December, we’ve focused our efforts on polishing the product, fixing bugs and adding new features, as well as new pairs and tokens.

Nimera Swap

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the issue with other users’ transactions displayed in the “My transactions” menu.
  • New Tokens:
    • Itchiro Games JEM token has been added.
    • Yearn Finance Platinum has been added.
    • Yearn Finance Limited Edition has been added.
  • Features:
    • notifications have been added for exchange and adding liquidity screens: a warning for price impact above 12% and forbidden operation for price impact above 25%.

Сhannels App

  • Fixes:
    • Multiple bug fixes;
    • iOS compatibility fixes.
  • Features:
    • New design of the app for Android;
    • New, more intuitive onboarding for Android;
    • Stories, short interactive tutorials, and news on the homepage for Android.

Updates coming to iOS version of the app shortly.

Nimera blockchain:

Flamingo, QLC Chain and NKN coins have been integrated into Nimera. They are already accessible in the Channels wallet and the corresponding Swap pools will be added later.

Backend Systems

Made improvements to the backend system to speed up how fast we can add new tokens. Now, assets that operate on blockchains that we already work with can be added within a day.

You can find detailed changelogs for every update on our Discord server

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