Nimera Swap is Live!

Dany Chetverikov
December 2, 2020
Nimera swap launch

Defi market has been revolutionizing the crypto industry in the last months due to the broad range of financial opportunities it offers. Just in June, this market was worth just $1 Billion, and right now the total value locked in DeFi has exceeded $14 Billion. 

At Nimera, we see DeFi not only as a great financial opportunity for our project but also as a chance to contribute to the growing market with a unique service. 

Introducing Nimera Swap

Nimera Swap enables you to swap tokens, but with a different pricing mechanic. The cost of a token is determined by the amount of the coins proportioned to each other in the pool.

Just like most of the DeFi exchanges, the core feature of Nimera Swap is liquidity mining a.k.a. yield farming. It works like this —  you deposit tokens to the liquidity pool and, in return, you earn a commission every time a transaction is made in the pool. 

Nimera Swap makes trading more efficient and also provides a profitable way to make more crypto with your crypto. Instead of staking or holding your assets, you can put them to work by depositing your crypto to Nimera Swap and earn potentially higher profits than you would in traditional staking.

What makes Nimera SWAP unique:

  • We support all markets, coins, and blockchains: unlike most DeFi Swaps, we don’t limit you to just Ethereum network tokens. You can create a pair with literally any token from any blockchain, from BTC to NEO.
  • Low network fees: the colored coin’s technology of Nimera blockchain allows us to present a DeFi service that offers a lower fee structure compared to Ethereum-based alternatives. 
  • Great for arbitrage: arbitrage trading is essentially buying on one exchange for cheaper and selling on another one for a higher price. The pricing mechanic of Nimera Swap is independent of the market, therefore it is a great solution for arbitrage traders.
  • Control the market: the analytics dashboard will help you to spot rising tokens and identify market leaders. Stay informed and never miss an investment opportunity.

10,000 USDT Giveaway to celebrate Nimera Swap Launch!

The team worked super hard to build this DeFi product. To celebrate the release, we launched a giveaway for 10,000 USDT. 

How to join? Just log into Nimera Swap and start earning points by providing liquidity to your favorite pools. The Top-50 liquidity providers will get their share of the prizes, distributed relative to the amount of liquidity they have provided! 

Learn more and join the Giveaway now on Nimera Swap.

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