Nimera Development Update: January

Dany Chetverikov
January 29, 2021
Nimera Swap January Development Update

Nimera Swap

  • Added the Overview tab to the Statistics page.
  • Global statistics are now available on the Overview page. You can see the detailed stats for the whole platform, including total volume, liquidity, and fees paid. Sortable and scalable by dates.
  • Search Tab introduced to the Overview page. You can now search across all available projects and pairs.
  • Top Performing Tokens added to the Overview page. You can now see the enhanced statistics for the Top-3 tokens in terms of price, fees, volume, and liquidity. Sortable by pre-selected and custom dates.
  • Top Pools stats table is now available on the Overview page. You can view the liquidity, volume, and fee changes in the last 24 hours across all pools.
  • Transaction history is now available at the bottom of the main stats page. In this tab, you can view all the latest transactions on the platform.
  • Introduced the enhanced Pool Statistics. Now every pool has interactive graphs where you can view comprehensive charts on the pool’s liquidity, volume, and the price at any date.
  • Token Stats across all pairs were added to every project page. Displays data by the selected token pairs in the chosen time period.
  • Picking a token in the widget on the main Swap page now triggers a dynamic price chart on the left. A similar graph now also appears on the Supply Liquidity tab.
  • Added the News Feed to the token pages. Projects can use the news-sharing feature to notify their communities about updates right on Nimera Swap.
  • Added Network Infra for Decentralized Internet (NKN) token.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the UI bugs in table charts. Removed the overlaying and out of the border symbols.
  • Fixed the display issue of the Transaction Settings tab on the Firefox browser.
  • Fixed the bug of the Create Pool widget working incorrectly.
  • Fixed multiple small technical and UI bugs.

Channels Wallet (iOS)

  • Increased stability of the asset prices by adding several sources of exchange rates.
  • Added Network Infra for Decentralized Internet (NKN) token.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with incorrect display of wallet balance.
  • Fixed the push notification bug which occurred after sending a chat message in the first session on the account.
  • Fixed the issue with BTH transfers with an empty EON balance.
  • Fixed the bug with the receiving address not displaying.
  • Fixed the bug with backup creation which occurred when the backup was not finished with full progress.
  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing when receiving CTKT, FLM, NKN, and QLC currencies.
  • Fixed the exchange bug with no displaying the fiat exchange currencies if the KYC is not completed.
  • Fixed the bug where the original receiving address was not displayed without first restoring it from backup.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the chat and call icon after taping a contact in chats.

Nimera Exchange

  • Added Network Infra for Decentralized Internet (NKN) token.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with incorrect volume displaying on the main page.
  • Fixed the bug with total balance numbers being incorrect.

EON Blockchain

  • Increased the speed of search for incoming ETH and ERC20 transactions.
  • Added support for TRC-20 assets.

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