Multibroker Soft Launch is Here!

Ivan Skladchikov
October 16, 2020
Multibroker soft launch

We’re super excited that Multibroker, our unique brokerage terminal, has soft-launched! Multibroker lets you trade on multiple platforms from one interface.

Say no to keeping tens of browsers open. No to managing tens password-login pairs. No to doing tens of sign-ups.

Say yes to a one-stop trading solution. Lower fees thanks to accumulative volume. More intuitive trading that comes when you don’t need to adapt to changing UIs of different exchanges. Single identification procedure. Standardized risk-management.

Lower fees

Most trading platforms have a discount system. The higher your trading volume  — the smaller maker/taker fees get. But for most traders, top-tier discounts are out of the picture. They require enormous trading volumes. Well, not anymore. Multibroker will let traders accumulate volume together to achieve a higher fee discount than what would be possible individually.


Arbitrage is when you buy on an exchange where the price is lower and sell on an exchange where the price is higher. It’s a great trading strategy. But arbitraging gets tedious. Fast. Normally you’d need to do your account management on every platform one-by-one. Not with Multibroker! Our platform allows users to do all those tasks without living the website.

For now, Multibroker is available as an updated trading interface, connected to the Exscudo Exchange. Help us improve by testing the platform here. Don’t forget to share your feedback on our social media.

Next steps? Testing on the live environment and connecting first trading platforms.

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