Members of the Financial services Club were amazed by the capabilities of Exscudo ecosystem

December 14, 2017

At the beginning of December the Financial Services Club (Andy Coppell and Chris Skinner) brought together professionals and business leaders at the Pewterers’ Hall in London. The theme of the event was “Removing the borders”. The meeting was attended by representatives of PrivatBank, Verifone, IBM, Bank ABC,  Capgemini, Bitcoin Foundation, Barclays, RBS and other financial companies.

Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo, made a speech at the event. The title of the speech was “Removing the borders”. Money transfers from one country to another are a hassle, everybody  would agree with that. Fintech professionals have been struggling to make it faster and cheaper over time however there it still a lot to be achieved. Andrew presented the Exscudo solution for cross-border payments, which allows one to pay everywhere as easily as if one were not abroad. With Exscudo it is possible to travel around the world with only one card without paying big commissions to intermediaries.

The presentation was followed by enquiries of those interested in EON and Exscudo. Many participants were interested to learn of a system where one can easily access money from any part of the world without any intermediaries.

Andrew Zimine is a recognized expert on blockchain technologies and decentralized cryptographic data transfer networks, consulting expert on DAPS Ethereum with over 8 years of experience in the management of companies. He has over 18 years of experience in IT technologies and their integration into the real sector of the economy.

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