Exscudo Multibroker: An Early Look at our One-Stop Trading Solution 🔥

Dany Chetverikov
August 18, 2020
Multibroker announce

Using one exchange is convenient. You can keep money in one place and use the same interface. But utilizing multiple exchanges has its advantages: it brings access to an unlimited choice of currency pairs and arbitrage opportunities. Yet, managing several accounts can be a total nightmare.

But what if you didn’t have to choose? Introducing Multibroker — the one-stop trading solution.

One Platform 1️⃣ To Cover All Your Trading Needs

Exscudo Multi-Broker is a new brokerage solution that lets you access many exchanges using a single interface. With our new product, you won’t have to manage multiple accounts and sacrifice convince to trade on multiple platforms.

How Does Multibroker Work? ⚙️

Just complete a quick sign-up on Exscudo Multibroker once and verify your identity. Governments require all exchanges to implement verification, also known as KYC. By sign-up on the platform, you will automatically generate and verify an Exscudo trading account on each of the exchanges Multibrokers supports. We will connect 4 of some of the largest exchanges to start, and more will follow shortly.

Every time you sign up to Exscudo Multibroker, you will be able to access all connected platforms. Say no to remembering tens of passwords and keeping dozens of tabs open.

Spend Less Time on Burocracy and More Time Trading 📈

Start trading faster with these key advantages:

One verification: verify your identity once when you create a Multibroker account. Forget about doing a separate verification on each platform you wish to trade on, and wasting precious time.

One interface: use a single dashboard for all your trades. No need to learn different interfaces and become accustomed to completely different layouts on each exchange.

One deposit: make one deposit and use it for trading on multiple platforms.

One API: Create as many trading robots as you need using a single access point. Now, you don’t have to copy-paste APIs of specific exchanges when setting up a bot.

Trade More efficiently 💸

Exscudo Multi-Broker lets you:

  • Aggregate and update price data from many exchanges in real-time: It becomes easier to buy and sell assets at the best available price and spot profitable arbitrage opportunities.
  • Get access to a wider variety of currencies, including niche tokens: if one exchange doesn’t have the trading pair you need, switch to another.
  • Evaluate the market at a glance: easily track key TA indicators across many exchanges to recognize market trends as early as possible.
  • Easily switch between accounts: arrow buttons move funds from one exchange to another in a click. Or a tap, if you prefer the mobile version of Multibroker. 

Improve Security of Your Trading Account 🔒

Exscudo Multibroker uses 2 layers of security:

  1. We implement the best security practices to protect your personal data and funds. They include 2FA for authorization and withdrawal, detecting untypical behaviors, and suspending compromised accounts.
  2. We configure every security option the supported exchanges offer. You don’t have to dive deep into their security policies, explore available tools, and experiment with the settings yourself.

Multibroker interface is already released on the Exsucdo test exchange and we are preparing the soft-launch of Multibroker on the live environment as this blog-post is being written.

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