How many EON coins do you actually get?


The first 10 days of the ICO are almost over. Exscudo has passed the minimum threshold of 1000 BTC and is rushing forward. Now only 3 hours are left to buy EON coins and get a 5% bonus!

But how many EON coins can you actually get? In the event that not coins are sold during the ICO, 50% of the remaining coins will be distributed among the investors. Here is how you can estimate how many coins you may have at the end of the ICO:


At the current moment, the X-index is displayed on the ICO page and is 13.7. This means that if the ICO ended today, people that have bought 1000 EON coins would have 13700 coins.


Hurry up to secure your bonus coins! And don’t forget that investors also get 50% of the unsold coins at the end of the ICO.

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