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February 17, 2017
Exscudo FAQ

About Exscudo

What is Exscudo?

Exscudo is the new gateway between the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market. In Exscudo, we create a new financial ecosystem. Our main goal is to create a single gate to the cryptocurrency market for new users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions. The Exscudo ecosystem consists of various products and services.

What products build up the Exscudo ecosystem?

The Exscudo ecosystem consists of a number of products and services. Among them are: Exscudo Exchange, Exscudo Wallet, Charts, Trading terminals, Exscudo debit cards, Exscudo merchant platform, Channels protected messenger.

Who is part of the team behind Exscudo?

About 50 developers have been working on Exscudo. The key members of the dev team have solid experience in development of financial services and products. Our top managers are experienced entrepreneurs and leaders. You can learn more about the Exscudo team here.

Is this a ready product?

Some products and services of the Exscudo ecosystem are ready for launch. Others are still in development. You can learn more about our plans in the roadmap.

How do I pronounce ‘Exscudo’?

You pronounce it ‘Ex-Scudo’.

What does the name ‘Exscudo’ mean?

The name has many meanings: ‘Ex’ for ‘Exchange’, ‘Scudo’ for ‘Shield’ and ‘Escudo’ for the Portuguese currency during the Golden Age (before the Euro). For more, read this article.

What is the business model?

The Exscudo ecosystem consists of a number of different products. Each of them has its own monetization model, and some products are even free. On the Exscudo Exchange, the system will charge regular commissions for currency exchange at market price and offer premium accounts.

When can we expect the global launch?

The launch of the first line of products of the Exscudo Ecosystem is planned for Q2 2017.

How can I keep up the latest Exscudo developments?

You can subscribe to our project newsletter and to our blog.

What is the Exscudo Magazine?

The Exscudo Magazine is a blog focused on the cryptocurrency market, fintech and analytics. We do not only publish corporate news. On the contrary – we strive to make the content as many-sided as possible so that users can stay up to date with the latest developments of the cryptosphere and beyond.

Trading questions

Do I need a license to trade on Exscudo?

No, you only need to register a personal account on Exscudo.

Can I trade all cryptocurrencies, digital assets and fiat money?

We will launch the Exchange with the fundamental functionality, which includes trading cryptocurrencies and blockchain based assets. The fiat money trading options will be added in the following releases.

Blockchain questions

Is the Exscudo Exchange a blockchain-based project?

The Exscudo Exchange is a proprietary platform, but it uses the EON blockchain for some of its services.

Why does Exscudo Exchange need a blockchain?

Exscudo Exchange uses the EON blockchain to provide the interaction between the exchange and its partners. It also enables the work of other elements of the Exscudo ecosystem.

Does Exscudo use its own blockchain?

Exscudo uses the Eon blockchain, which is a separate product. Eon is a network that supports smart transactions. However, only the Eon team can add new smart transactions to the network. You can learn more about it on the Eon website.

Are any of the Exscudo products fully blockchain-based?

Yes, some products and services are fully based on the Eon blockchain. For example, the Exscudo Channels wallet and messenger.

Is Exscudo an open source project?

No, Exscudo is not fully open source. The open part is published on Github and covers the most important things for the functionalities of the Eon network, such as rules of consensus, emission and block confirmation. The part of the project that deals with the Stock Exchange is classified.

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