Exscudo: We are ready for stress testing!

June 1, 2018

1 Introduction

Dear users, we are glad to inform you that the time has come: we are ready to run the stress test! The purpose of the stress test is to determine the maximum number of users who can simultaneously work on the exchange

2 Referral program rules in the context of the stress test

The referral program runs in the test environment, so the stress test is conducted here: test.exscudo.com

For users stress test we have improved functions of Exscudo beta exchange. All functions of real exchange will be available for you, except tokens deposit/withdrawal. We will automatically deposit tokens to every account to make stress testing easier for you. You have a chance to see how Exscudo exchange will work in nearly future.   

The total number of reward tokens for the stress test participants is 100,000 EON. You can earn tokens in a proportion of 40%-20%-40%: you get 40% for invites, 20% — for your own trading and withdrawal operations and 40% for the exchange transactions of the users invited by you.

A user is considered to be invited if:

  • his or her account is activated (including e-mail confirmation)
  • the user must make at least one trade operation and at least one withdrawal operation during the stress test

Please note that cheating and all kinds of fraud will be investigated and banned.

Besides we updated bonus calculation to make stress test more interesting for you. More information about rules of referral program you could find in our updated post via this link: https://blog.exscudo.com/exscudo/join-our-referral-program/

3 EON Rewards Rules

The test environment of the exchange works only with test networks of BTC, ETH, ETC, BTH, EON. !Real coins will not be used during the stress test!

Important! We reward you only for the operations made during the stress test. Other test operations are not rewarded.

4 Schedule of stress testing

Stress test is going to be on June 3. It starts at 11.00 (GTM+0) and ends at 15.00 (GTM+0) !

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