Exscudo update: community is moving to Discord!

August 1, 2018

Update: join the Exscudo Discord server: https://discord.gg/JBmsrpk

As part of the new concept of improving Exscudo services, we realized that the current community management toolkit does not allow us to work with the community efficiently and it prevents boosting organic growth. Therefore it was decided to close the official Slack channel and migrate to a functionally more advanced platform – Discord.

1 Why Discord?

After collecting feedback from the community and conducting our own research we decided that at the moment Discord is the best option, as it provides an advanced set of tools for community management. And hey, it’s also just a really cool app, right

2 What will change?

Discord functionality will allow us to further improve communication and create new ways of interaction and improve moderation to create a more friendly environment.

We will publish a set of community management guidelines for Discord soon. Now, don’t worry, everybody is free to speak up and express their opinions no matter the topic. But extensive use of foul language and insults will be punished!

3 What will happen to the Slack community?

After the move to Discord, we will slowly stop supporting the slack community and eventually will close the Slack сhannel completely. You will be able to get in touch with the team members in Discord from day one.

4 How to join the Exscudo Discord?

A permanent link to our Discord server will be placed on the Exscudo website – www.exscudo.com. We will announce that the move to Discord has started in all of our communication channels.

5. Why not Channels?

This is a good question. Channels was one of the main options that we considered. However, at this point of the development, the app does not support group chats and implementation of this technology will take time. That being said when Channels is updated to support group chats we will definitely use it as the main community platform.

6 When?

On Friday 03.08.2018 we will conduct a test run of our Discord server together with select community members. We will release Discord invitation links on all of our current communication channels on Tuesday 07.08.2018.

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