Exscudo Team releases the first video message

April 11, 2017

Chiefs of Exscudo, the cryptocurrencies financial provider, tell the audience more about the project in their new video.

The top managers of Exscudo, CTO Alex Sitnikov, CFO Julian Kossinov and CEO Andrew Zimine have shed a light on the project in the interview video. As the Exscudo products have a lot aspects, including innovative IT-solutions, and function in a new legal field, a lot of efforts of various specialists were needed to make a new financial ecosystem reality.

Alex Sitnikov, a highly qualified developer who has vast experience working in IT-development of major traditional stock exchanges and companies, gives some information on how the whole system works. The core of Exscudo is its Stock exchange, on which EON color coins are traded instead of fiat and cryptocurrencies themselves. This makes it impossible to steal from the exchange, because up to the last moment of closing the order the money is stored on the wallets and the bank accounts of the users – the exchange does not store the money.

To make it possible for Exscudo to cooperate with traditional financial institutions, the company got registered in the EU legislation zone to be fully compliant with all the financial regulations, in particular anti-money laundering. This is what CFO, Julian Kossinov informs in the interview. The priority for the company today, he says, is to make seamless exchange procedure not only for cryptocurrency, but also for cryptocurrency-fiat pairs.

The company’s CEO Andrew Zimine believes that cryptocurrencies are meant to change the world. That’s why Exscudo has developed a number of various products to solve the problems of accessibility, transparency and sustainability of the financial market. “This is your personal access to the financial world, right from any device and for any man on Earth, without intermediaries”, – that’s how Andrew describes the underlying idea about Exscudo.

Exscudo uses an in-house designed distributed network called EON. This technology empowers the whole system. It also enables the emission of EON coins that are both the fuel of the blockchain and the ICO assets. The company will release 240 mln EON coins, 150.720 mln will be available for sale during the ICO. The price for 1 EON will be 0.0002 BTC. The ICO starts April, 25.

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