Exscudo joins The Emerging Payments Association

August 9, 2018

Exscudo became a member of a prestigious community of payments professionals, The
Emerging Payments Association. The main goal of EPA is to strengthen and expand the payments
industry to benefit all stakeholders and connect the ecosystem, encourage innovation and profitable
business growth. EPA will help Exscudo to enter the UK market.

Exscudo CEO, Andrew Zimine is optimistic about the cooperation with EPA: “We are really proud
to join The Emerging Payment Association. It will a great opportunity for Exscudo to make a real
impact on the payment market and to cooperate with the top players from the industry. Our company is
ready to enter the UK market, and so I am looking forward to working with EPA.”

The EPA’s vision is for the UK to be the global hotspot for payments innovation. As it sets out to be the most influential trade body in emerging payments, the EPA’s mission, to collaborate to innovate, has the potential to improve lives everywhere. Its community is over 130 members strong and growing. EPA’s members come from across the payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more. These companies have come together, from across the UK and internationally, to join the association and collaborate.

Exscudo is excited to be a part of the UK’s most progressive and influential payments trade
association. The company believes the membership in The Emerging Payments Association will
result in great opportunities of cooperation and development of payment industry.

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