Exscudo is launching co-branded cards with unique features for the users!

April 1, 2019

An innovative financial company Exscudo is preparing to launch new co-branded debit cards that will provide a set of unique features for the clients, widening the financial toolset that modern European banks can deliver today. Among the advantages of the new co-branded card is the ability to receive up to 10% cash back on select offers.

What’s more, the card will allow holders to operate with a variety of assets both traditional and digital. As such, the card will launch with support for EUR, BTC, and EON  while support for other digital currencies BCH, EHT, ETC, QTUM, XRP and LTC will be added in the future. Thanks to cross rates users will be able to exchange assets seamlessly. For instance, Exscudo clients are able to take BTC cryptocurrency, as well as any other available in the app, and exchange them directly to EUR, while benefiting from minimal fees.

In addition, the banking card will be linked to Exscudo’s own secure wallet app called Channels. Channels will allow making all complex banking operations in a matter of seconds with a simple thumb swipe while protecting the privacy of Exscudo clients with blockchain technology. This will make a whole new world of financial freedom accessible to Exscudo co-branded banking cardholders;

Being created by an innovative financial ecosystem Exscudo, the is aimed to feel the gap in the Exscudo ecosystem which consists of multiple products– the Exscudo Exchange, Channels app and Exscudo Merchant. Based on Exscudo’s in-house blockchain EON,  all products combined together are aimed at creating an alternative to traditional banking and providing a new-generation financial management ecosystem with unrivaled levels of security and privacy.
The Exscudo debit card is already available for a free pre-order at https://exscudo.com/pay.html

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