Exscudo is bringing liquidity to the exchange by adding trading robots support

July 27, 2018

Exscudo is happy to announce a release of an open API for trading terminals that will allow utilizing trading robots on the Exscudo exchange.

A trading robot is a specialized software that automatically makes trading decisions based on market data analysis and preprogrammed set of parameters. The trading software allows experienced traders to operate more effectively be making faster judgments and helps to make emotionless choices, reducing the risk of rash decisions that may lead to potential losses. Another benefit of automated trading is the ability to keep track of markets 24/7, as trading bots do not need to sleep or take brakes, unlike human beings.

With the introduction of trading robots, the team plans to make the Exscudo exchange more suitable to experienced and professional traders who use the trading software for their work, allowing to attract a new audience and boost the liquidity on the exchange. Liquidity is one of the most important factors for a new exchange – it allows assets to be swapped quickly and directly influences the usability and popularity of the platform. Today only the top tier cryptocurrency exchanges can offer complete trading terminals support via a public API. The goal of Exscudo is to create a unique exchange that will be equally useful for various types of users – from novice to extremely experienced.

The exchange operates in the heart of the Exscudo ecosystem, formed by the secure Wallet and Messenger app Channels and the Excudo merchant all of which are based on the in-house blockchain EON. The exchange will provide a revolutionary level of security by storing funds in secure wallets within the EON blockchain and playing a role of a mere Escrow agent to confirm transactions, combining the benefits of decentralized and centralized exchanges.

At the moment API for trading terminals is being tested in a closed environment with the integration on the live exchange planned to take place from  September to October 2018.

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