Exscudo community guidelines

August 7, 2018

Exscudo ecosystem is a community of traders, investors, and professionals built on the principles of mutual respect and equal opportunities.

As such we encourage all participants who take part in the communication via our open channels (Blog, Slack and Discord channels) to follow the established guidelines of communication.

Community guidelines:

We encourage our users to maintain an atmosphere of positive and productive communication. Our number one priority is to make the Community channels an effective tool for our customers to chat and express their opinions so by joining and participating in such channels all users also agree to the established terms of use.

Any messages containing the following information will be deleted by our community management team without further notice:

  • Spamming and posting advertising links;
  • Links to graphical content which may be considered violent or inappropriate or uploads of inappropriate content;
  • Messages containing explicit language and insults towards other members of the community or the Exscudo staff;
  • Messages containing comments which are discriminatory towards other members of the community or the Exscudo staff based on race, social status, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation;
  • Messages containing false accusations towards other members of the community or the Exscudo staff;
  • Messages containing FUD and false accusations towards the Exscudo project;


Please note, that repeated offense may lead to a temporary suspension from using the community channels and in case of repeated offense, a permanent termination of access.

In addition, users can be permanently suspended from accessing Exscudo communication channels for:

  • Using multiple accounts with the same name and/or at the same time;
  • Impersonating community members or Exscudo staff;
  • Using the same Nicknames as other community members or Exscudo staff;


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