Exscudo Channels App update!

July 9, 2018

We are happy to announce the release of a new Exscudo Channels App update for IOS and Android. The update makes our app even more secure and user-friendly! If you have any comments or suggestions, please fill free to leave them here https://exscudo.ideas.aha.io/?sort=recent. We will pay serious attention to all of your feedback!

We added PIN-code to enter the wallet for more security. This PIN-code is mutual for the wallet and for backup. To start using your wallet you have to create a backup first and verify it. To pass the verification process you should send a QR-code for backup to your email address and print it for scanning or just enter your secret key.

From now on you can add new contacts via EON-ID

Make transactions using only EON-ID address

Get notifications directly in chat when you make transactions with users from your contact book  

Enjoy new interface making transactions

Previous bugs are fixed

For IOS:

Receive money using QR code you created

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