Exscudo Channels App Receives a Redefining Update!

November 13, 2018

Exscudo channels app is a wallet and encrypted chat application which was developed by an innovative fintech company Exscudo. Based on the in-house blockchain of Exscudo, EON, Channels offers a unique user experience by allowing to hold and transfer various digital assets while securing all transactions within the ecosystem with the EON blockchain. In addition, Channels supports encrypted messaging and gives a unique opportunity to send money to contacts like text messages with just a few clicks!

Channels is a part of a next-generation financial ecosystem that consists of the app itself. Exscudo exchange and the EON blockchain.

The newly released update brings several redefining features to the Channels app, completely transforming the user experience and opens entirely new possibilities for Channels users!

Implementation of Multi-Currency Support

With the new update, Channels gains multi-currency support, bringing users the ability to make transactions within and outside of the Exscudo ecosystem with a variety of digital assets. All internal transactions are secured with the EON blockchain using the colored coin technology, which allows making transfers not only safer but also faster. Currently supported currencies are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC with more to be added in the future.

Users are able to send and receive transactions to addresses outside and inside of the ecosystem, or take advantage of QR codes for a more effortless process. Furthermore, Simplicity is taken to the next level with a unique feature of Channels – users are now able to send transactions to contacts from their contact list in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the colored coins technology, commision on all transactions within the ecosystem are significantly reduced in comparison to the outside blockchains. For example, commission for sending ETH from one channels address to another is several times lower compared to sending ETH between two Ethereum wallets.

New Design For Improved User Experience

We have reworked the UI entirely to allow for perfect user experience. The updated Channels app is a pure joy to use. The emphasis of the new UX was made on simplicity and sickness, allowing all users to start interacting and using cryptocurrencies almost instinctively.

A Brand New Wallets And Chat UI!

The UI of the wallet section was reworked to support new features. Users are now able to create new wallets in supported currencies, check the total balance of all wallets in a currency of choice and track currency rates. Chat UI has also been upgraded to offer an improved user experience!

What’s to Come in The Future

Upcoming updates will allow Channels to take advantage of the colored coins functionality fully, allowing users to tokenize almost any assets. This incredible functionality will redefine liquidy on the market, enabling users to divide ownership and liquify assets that are typically non-liquid and hard to manage. The goal of Channels, in the long run, is not only to redefine the current economic model but create a whole new market and transform asset management once and for all.

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