Exscudo Channels Adds SEPA/SWIFT Support To allow Fiat Transfers From Bank to The Secure Blockchain App

April 11, 2019

We are excited to announce that SWIFT and SEPA withdrawals and deposits have already been implemented and fully functional in the Exscudo Channels App. The function is available worldwide with the exception of the US and select countries. Thanks to the SEPA and SWIFT support our customers are able to top up their Channels balance by making a bank transfer in Euro, USD or any other fiat currency. The feature allows users to hold fiat funds in a secure application as well as transfer fiat to channels and easily purchase cryptocurrency right from the app. Currencies, currently supported for purchase in Channels are: EON, OMG, LTC, DASH, QTUM, ZEC, CTKT, EURT, USDT, XMR and EUR.

Exscudo aims to give its customers the ability to store their wealth in the most advanced financial system up-to-date. This can be done with a simple SEPA or SWIFT transfer from the user’s bank account to the Channels App. Then you can keep your money safely inside the Channels mobile wallet, protected by the power of a blockchain.

The system allows users to hold their assets in any currency they would like, be it digital or traditional, while retaining the ability to spend their funds at any traditional retailer. Users can not only hold and send funds, but also exchange currencies directly within the app. Thus exscudo clients are able to enjoy the level of privacy and security provided only by the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while retaining all financial flexibility in the way to spend or manage their funds.

The company plans to further enhance the Channels functionality by issuing its own banking cards which will deliver the highest cashback of up to 10 percent on select offers and allow to make payments with any currency at any retailer in the world and addition new currencies available for direct exchange in the app.

Being developed by an innovative company Exscudo, Channels is aimed to not only create a more technologically advanced and reliable alternative to traditional banking, but also develop a new-generation financial management ecosystem with unrivaled levels of security and privacy that will be accessible to anybody, thanks to it’s free core featureset, low fees and extra fast transaction speeds.
Channels is available for download here: https://go.onelink.me/PdtN/76df84c9

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