Exscudo announces the second stage of EON testnet

December 15, 2017

Exscudo is proud to announce that EON testnet was successfully updated today at 15:00 Moscow time. Users can update their peers using the source code published on Github by Exscudo team: https://github.com/EonTechnology/server.

At the Stage Two the following features were added:

  • Multisignature functionality;
  • Public accounts functionality;
  • Blockchain explorer web pages;
  • Access to the EON platform client API (including peer’s private API).

Multisignature mechanism is a scheme to protect personal account information, EON employs the . Multisigrature allows you to distribute privileges to sign uncommitted transactions among multiple participants considering the quorum that covers certain percentage that should be attained in order for a transaction to be signed. This scheme increases dramatically EON blockchain security and functionality.

The main idea behind a public account is to distribute privileges among those accounts you trust the most. All public accounts share their seed among other participants over the entire EON network. When you make your account public, you have no privileges whatsoever to sign up transactions even that of your own. As soon as all required delegates confirm a new transaction, a transaction considered committed and therefore added to the block.

Blockchain explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about testnet blocks, addresses and transactions. With our block explorer users can now track their transactions, check account information and block parameters.

EON platform client API is the API used by console client to interact with EON network and / or local peer.

Multi-Signature Mechanism Concepts and EON platform client API will be published on Testnet Eon Technology site page:


and lately on Eon Technology github WiKi:


Exscudo wants to encourage more users to participate in our testnet. Take a chance to experience the innovative blockchain technology today!

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