EON tokens distribution

May 22, 2018

Dear friends, Exscudo team is ready to announce full information about EON tokens distribution.  

We faced changes in GDPR adding KYC function to Exscudo exchange main version.

Our team works to ensure that our KYC fully satisfies the new requirements. It will take some time, so we launch KYC on May 23. We are going to distribute the first wave of tokens shortly after.

It means you will see your investment and bounty tokens in Channels app wallets on May 24. You can download our App using “messenger Channels” search query in mobile app stores.

After the first wave of EON tokens we will distribute airdrop bonus. There are going to be around six waves of airdrop bonuses and they depend on our big updates.

The nearest one is adding fiat to Exscudo exchange. We will launch it this summer and with this update you get your first part of airdrop bonuses.

Stay up to date with the news and thank you for staying with us.

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