EON peer core source code is published on Github

October 6, 2017

On October, 4 Exscudo, the financial ecosystem which unites cryptocurrency markets and traditional finance, successfully launched EON blockchain testnet, making another important step in the building of EON platform.

EON is a decentralized blockchain based-platform that provides an infrastructure for the Exscudo Ecosystem services. The architecture of the platform is built on a simple core that realizes a mathematical model and services that provide additional functionality. The core forms the decentralized part of the system that consists of a variety of peers and executes the functionality of support on user account and financial operations.This repository contains the implementation of the peer.

EON peer core source code is now on Github. It covers the rules of building a peer, allowing the users to connect their peers automatically to the testnet. However, as we said before, initially the blocks generated by users will not enter the net.

The next step in the Bug Bounty campaign starting on October, 9. Exscudo wants to encourage more people to participate in public testing and those of them who will find bugs will be rewarded with EONs.

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