EON Blockchain Testnet Monitoring

October 19, 2017

We are happy to announce that you can now monitor EON blockchain testnet in real time! Main indicators on the panel enable everyone to evaluate the state of the whole net, understand what is going on and what happened before.

Here the information you can get from the charts:

  • Last block height – shows the height of the blockchain on the peer;
  • Cumulative Difficulty – shows the difficulty of blockchain generation;
  • Last block ID – shows the identificator of the last block in the chain. It helps to determine whether the net was forked into several subnets;
  • Last generator ID – shows the identificator of the last block author. It helps to determine how many accounts are involved in generating;
  • Transactions processed in block – shows the number of transactions into the latest block;
  • Uncommitted transactions count – shows the number of transactions waiting for processing.

Now you can only see our devs peers here and after the testnet next update which will happen on November 15, you will be able to track your own testnet peers here as well.

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