How To Connect To The EON Blockchain Testnet

October 4, 2017

This step-by-step guide will help you connect to the EON Blockchain Testnet. Follow the guide and you should have no problem. In case you do run into technical difficulties, we are here to help you! Just create a ticket at our support center and we will get back to you!

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the setup process.

Prerequisites for connecting to the EON blockchain testnet:

Make sure that your operating system is Windows or Linux. Read this guide to check your Openssl.

1. Generate a passphrase (seed) – 32 random bytes in HEX;

We recommended the openssl rand -hex 32 method but you can use the eon seed method. The latter is easier to use.

2. Download the client

Follow the links below to download the EON client.

3. Configure the client (config.json)

Enter the generated passphrase in <SEED>: “seed”: “<SEED>”

Keep in mind that SEED is secret information used to generate a key pair. Don’t show it to anybody!

4. Register on a registration portal with your public key

To get your private key and Account ID call: eon info. In the output, pay attention to the following fields:

  • New account: EON-……..
  • Public key for account: ……..

Command output example:

> eon info
Client for EON peer, 2017 v0.10
command available to use:
refill, withdraw, payment, new_account commited, uncommited, state, attributes, info, seed

EON account from seed
     Seed:  3744ae15cf119f92f09c9dedd05ba75469c83888daf2fc855e7a5f0895edd965
     Account:  EON-GUNFH-TF5TS-XACVY
     Public key:  6f4d850fac5ad31cf5316f0b53d71e622337237078893c26491d09ac85753fe3 

Go to the portal: and enter the data you got during the previous steps

Confirm your email and wait until the registration is complete.

Congratulations! You’ve connected to the EON blockchain testnet!

Now you can use your EON Blockchain Testnet client. Coins will be automatically transferred to your account.

P. S. The number of funds to be sent is set in microEONs: amount ( 1 000 000 ) = 1EON. Transaction commission by default is 10 microEONs

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