Development update: what’s coming with Exchange 2.0?

December 19, 2018
Exchange main page

Take a sneak peek at the new additions that will be implemented with the Exchange 2.0 update!

We diced to give you a sneak-peak into the functionality of the much-anticipated exchange update and explore what will change with the Exchange 2.0 release.

Over time, we have collected a lot of feedback from our users and generated a large number of statistics thanks to your active testing of the Exscudo exchange. We used this data alongside the insights collected during extensive market research to come up with some changes that will drastically upgrade your user-experience.

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  1. We have changed the currency search inside the terminal. Users will be able to decide what currencies they would like to track and add them to their portfolio as favorites as well as search for currencies by the full name as well as by ticker.
  2. The workspace was entirely overhauled to display the most important widgets without scrolling. All distracting elements are either hidden or even entirely removed.
  3. The Depth of Market widget was reworked to allow grouping of prices on a selected level as well as seeing the accumulated volume within the level to help decide whether to sell or to buy.
  4. We have improved the order widget by creating shortcuts which allows making orders with needed price while minimizing the amount of typing.
  5. Summary data is displayed for the currently active pair. The displayed information includes the last price, bid prices, 24h maximum, and minimum price as well as the overall market volume. Color highlighting is used across the interface to differentiate upward and downward trends.
  6. Open orders, order history and user order deals are now combined in a single widget to simplify the user experience and minimize the number of tables and unnecessary data on screen.
  7. We’ve added the function to cancel all active orders in case of an emergency.
  8. All currency pairs favorited by a user are automatically added into the portfolio widget where they are always visible and can be sorted by various fields: by price, price dynamics, value or by spread.
  9. The main page was added to the exchange. It allows guest users to see quotations of all traded pairs without having to sign up or sign in.
  10. To improve the experience of professional traders who spend long hours in front of a monitor we have updated the UI and added night and day themes.
  11. Orders can be sorted based on a variety of parameters, such as price, volume or date.
  12. Preferences pages were redesigned in a slick and functional style to remove any clutter from your screens.
  13. Lastly, viewing all incoming and outgoing transactions was simplified for improved user experience.

The new update will transform the user experience for the better, making our exchange even more suitable to professional and novice traders alike. The update is estimated to roll out in January or February 2019.

Release date, visual representation, texts and contents of the update are not final and can be changed without further notice.



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