Community 2.0: What will Discord bring to Exscudo?

August 2, 2018

Update: join the Exscudo Discord server:

Recently we have announced the decision to change the main communications platform from Slack to Discord as the latest provides a much better toolset for community interactions, allowing Exscudo to improve community management, power organic growth and ultimately – create a better experience for community members. You can read in more details about the decision in our blog post.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at how community management will be structured and what awesome new features Discord will bring to us.

Discord structure

Our discord community will have a structure of multiple inner channels each covering a specific topic:


  • General – a place to hang out, have fun and talk about anything you want;
  • FAQ – a place for most important questions managed by the community;
  • Marketing ideas – a place to discuss and help Exscudo promotion and marketing worldwide.
  • Admin chat – a separate chat for community admins.
  • Role-specific rooms – a closed set of rooms available for acknowledged community members. More on this later.
  • Contest rooms – more about contests later in the text.
  • Bounty – a place to discuss bounty.
  • And more!


Special events, contests, and rewards

We are going to introduce Discord-unique events and friendly competitions for the community, along with a reward system. For example, competition can be created to come up with the best slogan for a marketing campaign.

A separate room will be created specifically for this contest, the community will be able to submit their ideas, and the top-3 winners will be awarded special badges and other benefits, granting them access to closed rooms and establishing them in the community.

Badges can be obtained not only by completing contents but also by being active in the community. Rewards can be received for:

  • Stopping FUD
  • Active promotion of the project
  • Suggestions
  • Development efforts
  • Testing and finding bugs
  • And more!

We hope that this approach will make being in a community even more engaging. Besides, who doesn’t like shiny badges?


We are giving you the power to shape your own environment by allowing select community members to become admins and help the team with moderation. If you are active, communicative and positive, you will get a chance to acquire a moderator badge and special permissions, like the ability to delete messages.  

To make sure that admin powers are not being abused we will issue a set of rules and make sure that moderation is conducted accordingly.

The moderation structure will be the following:


  • Team members have full moderation rights and can establish chief admins.
    • Chief admins are established by the team and have an extended set of rights. They can promote or suspend admins.
      • Admins can be established by chief admins or team members and can delete messages, kick members.


This approach is future proof and designed to ensure that the Exscudo community can stay organized as it grows bigger.

Access to the Exscudo Discord

Exscudo Discord will remain completely open for anybody. Links will be placed on Exscudo websites, in social media and on all currently used communications channels. We want the community to grow. Therefore the easier it is to find us – the better.

Community management guidelines

All moderation will be made in accordance with community management guidelines. Now, it is important to keep in mind that the guidelines are created solely to make our community a spam-free, and friendly environment as the number of members will be increasing over time. All feedback is always welcome, be it positive or negative.

The guidelines will be released shortly, so stay in touch and keep track of the news!

Best regards,

Exscudo team.

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