Bug Bounty Campaign Terms

October 9, 2017

Good news! After the launch of the EON testnet we announce the beginning of the bug bounty program! Help us to test and improve our blockchain and earn EONs! The Bug bounty starts today, on the 9th of October!

As we mentioned earlier, we are going to devote 0,2% of the whole EON emission to the bug bounty rewards. In other words,

240 000 000 x 0,2% = 480 000 EONs are waiting for you!

As you know, we have a number of products, so we are going to divide the the bounty sum as follows:

  • EON blockchain & node – 25%;
  • Exchange Web Terminal – 25%;
  • Exchange Mobile Terminal – 10%;
  • Channels mobile app – 10%;
  • ReservedResereved for new features – 30%.

Today begins the Bug Bounty for EON blockchain & node.

In order to take part in the Exscudo bug bounty, you should:

  1. Register in Exscudo (if not yet);
  2. Install the client on your device; 
  3. Test its features;
  4. Find some bug;
  5. Describe the bug via helpdesk website (https://help.exscudo.com) or just drop the description to [email protected]

IMPORTANT: use your email that is the same as the email which you registered in Exscudo!

Bugs can differ from each other by their severity. That is why we use the following tags for the reported bugs:


Our support team assesses the severity by themselves. You should not write the severity of the found bug in the description!

Different bugs are rewarded according to the severity:

Highest – 100 Stakes
High – 50 Stakes
Medium – 10 Stakes
Low – 5 Stakes

Lowest – 1 Stake

At the end of each of the Bug bounty stages we will calculate how much EONs are rewarded for one Bug bounty Stake and distribute them correspondingly. The reward goes to the account that reported first about the bug.  The end of each of the Bug Bounty campaign stages will be announced by our team.

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