Behind the Rebranding: Interview with Andrew Zimine, Nimera Founder

Andrew Zimine
November 25, 2020
Nimera rebrand Interview

In November 2020 Exscudo became Nimera. Our new brand is bigger, bolder, and communicates the decentralized nature of our products clearer. Still, there are more reasons for this important step.

Nimera founder and CEO, Andrew Zimine will tell us about them.

Q: First of all, what does the new brand stand for?

A: We wanted to change the perception of our products, so we’ve done a radical revamp in terms of branding. The old brand had a hidden meaning, but it was a little bit too hidden perhaps. We understood that adding something into a brand image only a select few people with the right background can understand is the wrong way to go. So, we made the new identity clearer and more energetic.

As a result, we went with a space theme and retro-futuristic visuals. Space has always symbolized growth, exploration, reaching for the unknown, even for the impossible perhaps. Landing on the moon could be called one of the greatest achievements for humanity. We want to do something similar for the financial system in the long term. And that’s why we’ve chosen space. You will be seeing more and more space-themed visuals as we reveal new products and carry on with the updates.

In the short term, in the past, there were instances when we could have communicated the advantages and features of our products better. The new brand will help us with this going forward. 

We’ve also incorporated blockchain themes more heavily. Our new logo is made up of chain-links that symbolize the connection of data-blocks in a decentralized network. But you can see a deeper meaning that goes beyond blockchain in the logo if you look for it.

Last but not least, as Exscudo we’ve presented bits and pieces of the ecosystem but they never quite formed the global whole. This changes with the introduction of Nimera. We’ve reached a point when we are ready to launch the whole ecosystem and deliver a complete vision. 

You can already see the change in development speed. Just look how little time passed since the reveal of Nimera Swap until release.

Q: What else has changed?

A: The naming and website navigation was updated. EON blockchain was changed to Nimera blockchain. The new URL for the exchange will be Having a consistent naming convention is important. It helps new users navigate the ecosystem resources.

The naming we had before could be less clear at times. Could be confusing for some people with different products not sharing a brand name.

The exception in the new system is obviously Channels and Multibroker that retain the old names. Those products stand out in terms of messaging, so they will have a different design and naming.

Q: What was the main reason for rebranding?

A: This is the question, isn’t it? Rebranding is a bold step. It’s a change that should be approached carefully. There are a few reasons why we put this idea on the table and decided to go through with it.

When we started the company way back in 2017, our team was made up mostly of developers. At the time we didn’t have enough expertise to create an international brand and we made some miss-steps. It was a long journey from there, a lot has happened.

Recently, we’ve attracted new talent in the marketing and PR department. People with fresh vision and expertise helped us realize the mistakes and showed us how to correct them. We are still a young company and since we have the ability to fix our imaging, we decided that it’s worth it. 

And new talent? The team has changed to more evenly contain marketing and development expertise. Starting this Winter, a new chapter for our company is beginning. It’s natural that we meet it with a new identity.

Q: How do you think rebranding will help the company?

A: Our new image communicates our goals and values so much better than the old one. Together with already announced and new upcoming products it will help users discover and appreciate the ecosystem. There will be so much cool information to explore history, plans, and products on the main website.

Multibroker and Nimera Swap are a few highlights of products that we’ve already announced or released, make sure to check them out! Blockchain reveal is also on the way.

Q: Is rebranding a risk in your eyes?

Any major change is a risk to one degree or another, there is just no way around it. But our old brand was not so recognizable to the point where rebranding is impossible for us like it would be for a company with tens of years of heritage and history. Thankfully we are still at a stage where we can take drastic steps.

We are very optimistic about the future and super excited about the upcoming products and updates. Hopefully, you are too!

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