A Redefining Feature Release: Exscudo Channels Now Allows to Exchange Currencies Right in The App

April 2, 2019

Exscudo is proud to announce that we have added support for direct currency exchange in the Channels App. Our clients are already able to exchange EON, BTC and ETH while support of direct exchange of TUSD, OMG, LTC, DASH, QTUM, ZEC, CTKT, EURT, USDT, XMR and EUR will be added shortly. The new feature allows users to exchange currencies without having to move their funds out of our wallet app while benefiting from low fees, previously available only in traditional banks.

Introduction of direct currency exchange widens the functionality of the Channels application and will allow Exscudo to reach a new target audience, by giving our clients more flexibility in how they choose to store and manage their assets while providing extra-low exchange fees. As such, our clients are now able to store funds in any currency of their choice and exchange it for any other supported asset nearly instantaneously.

The new feature will be especially beneficial for users who actively manage their finance and keep track of the market trends, allowing them to quickly react to changing financial climate and exchange assets using just a single mobile app, with previously unmatched level of convenience and simplicity without having to utilize banks or crypto-to-fiat exchangers that are known for high commission rates and unreliability.

Exscudo plans to further enhance the user experience of our clients by introducing new currencies and making more assets available for direct exchange.

Being developed by Exscudo, the goal of Channels is to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the world of cryptocurrencies, by providing users with a more advanced, flexible and reliable way to manage their finance. Channels is developed to become a part of a new-generation financial ecosystem consisting of the Exscudo Exchange, Merchant services and Exscudo banking cards. All Exscudo products are powered by a unique in-house blockchain EON.


Channels app is available for download here 

About Exscudo

Exscudo is an easy-to-use and ultra-secure platform which helps users to manage, hold and transfer digital as well as traditional financial assets. Created to provide a viable and superior financial alternative to traditional banks, Exscudo ecosystem consists of a revolutionary exchange, as well as a merchant, wallets, trading terminals, cards, and a protected communication channel. All Exscudo products are powered by the in-house developed blockchain EON, providing maximum security. The ecosystem is designed to bring the next level of privacy, freedom and flexibility for the users.


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