Exscudo Channels App Receives a Redefining Update!

Exscudo channels app is a wallet and encrypted chat application which was developed by an innovative fintech company Exscudo. Based on the in-house blockchain of Exscudo, EON, Channels offers a unique user experience by allowing to hold and transfer various digital assets while securing all transactions within the ecosystem with the EON blockchain. In addition,...

November 13, 2018

Exscudo Exchange Testnet Was Updated

We have released an update for the Exscudo test-exchange! The new additions to the current release of the test environment include: 1 Updated KYC procedure, user verification up to Tier 2 using Veriff; 2 Demo access to the Exchange is implemented; 3 We have reworked the withdrawal mechanism. Now fees are adjusted dynamically based on...

October 30, 2018

Securing Exscudo accounts

Introduction In Exscudo ecosystem, several products and services are operating with user accounts (e.g., Exscudo Exchange, or Channels app). A user account is the primary and in some cases, the only connection between the user and his or her assets. While accessing and managing these accounts, one deals with hard-and software products, web services, Internet connection...

October 16, 2018

Exscudo joins The Emerging Payments Association

Exscudo became a member of a prestigious community of payments professionals, The Emerging Payments Association. The main goal of EPA is to strengthen and expand the payments industry to benefit all stakeholders and connect the ecosystem, encourage innovation and profitable business growth. EPA will help Exscudo to enter the UK market. Exscudo CEO, Andrew Zimine...

August 9, 2018

Exscudo community guidelines

Exscudo ecosystem is a community of traders, investors, and professionals built on the principles of mutual respect and equal opportunities. As such we encourage all participants who take part in the communication via our open channels (Blog, Slack and Discord channels) to follow the established guidelines of communication. Community guidelines: We encourage our users to...

August 7, 2018