10 Common Misconceptions About Blockchain

The blockchain technology is a hype. This increased public interest comes with many myths and misconceptions. Depending on their attitude, people may see blockchain as a panacea for all social and economic issues or a threat to the existing order. Let’s consider the 10 most common misconceptions about blockchain to understand what it is capable and incapable of.

Ivan Skladchikov
April 28, 2020

8 Ways To Maintain Cybersecurity For Remote Work

If you are reading this, you are probably working from home. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak causing tectonic shifts in the job market, more and more people are forced to work remotely. With this sudden move to remote work, learning the basic rules of cybersecurity is extremely important, both for employees and their employers. Why...

Ivan Skladchikov
April 3, 2020

Financial Hygiene During Covid-19 Outbreak

One of the measures China took to protect citizens from catching the coronavirus was the massive cleaning of cash. Banks used UV-radiation and high temperatures to disinfect paper money. On a private level, there are several rules of financial hygiene you should follow to reduce the risk of getting infected.  How To Make Money Less...

Ivan Skladchikov
March 20, 2020