South Korea’s Bithumb was hacked! How can decentralized exchanges like…

Cryptocurrency exchanges are, by norm, centralized. At least until a few years ago, before blockchain technology matured enough to allow [...]

Information about testnet launch and project updates

There have been a lot of questions about the current status of the project, namely the test net launch. We [...]

A statement regarding the situation with BTC-e

The collapse of BTC-e, one of the oldest and well known exchanges, teaches all the community another lesson: trust is [...]

Andrew Zimine wrote about how Exscudo can help to reconstruct…

We are happy to announce that the book “Game Changers: Innovation in Business” co-authored by Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo, [...]

EON Blockchain Usability

According to some enthusiasts, blockchain industry may really disrupt the world financial system or at least radically change it. However, [...]

Cryptocurrency Mining Landscape in Asia

Money and power have always been closely linked. So much so, that it sometimes becomes hard to distinguish one from [...]

Data security
Technology to change the way you register online. No more…

The chief technical officer of Exscudo Alex Sitnikov has come up with an original way of protecting users’ confidential data [...]