Information about testnet launch and project updates

July 31, 2017

There have been a lot of questions about the current status of the project, namely the test net launch. We appreciate your engagement, and here are the answers to the hottest questions :

What is happening with the test net, and what are the devs busy with at the moment?

Our testnet is already functional. But it is in a closed state, available only for the developers for the sake of internal testing.
Currently our developers are working on mathematics of the blockchain, implementing all the theory on practice. We are also examining its potential vulnerabilities, identifying the newest threats and making corresponding improvements.

Why don’t you launch the open test net, and continue to improve the EON Core?

Every time we update the EON Core, it becomes a whole new blockchain. Therefore, if we open testnet now, we will have to relaunch it after every update — it will take much more time. Besides, we plan to avoid any necessity of a hardfork, as it would be a great challenge for the blockchain and the Exscudo ecosystem as a whole.

In the context of recent events (BTC-E fall, numerous ICO’s scamming) the Exscudo team has decided to prolong the development phase. This policy has caused some shift in the deadlines. These measures have been taken by the team because Exscudo, unlike many other cryptocurrency projects, is legally liable for the investors’ money in case of such an event. We are addressing the risks beforehand, and not delegating them to our investors.
And the last, but not the least: on Friday, 4. our team plans to announce the date of the test net launch. Stay tuned and do not miss our news!

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