Crypto charity: Unusual fundraising campaigns made easier

October 8, 2019
Crypto Charity: benefits of crypto fundraising

We have already mentioned that charity and fundraising are among the sectors that may benefit most from the blockchain tech integration. While the majority of the blockchain-based solutions are meant for commercial use, some of them are created or applied to solve urgent social problems.

The beauty of blockchain-based charities lies in the absence of intermediaries who decide if your cause is worth funding or not. A giver can directly finance any initiative s/he find meaningful – and trace how their donation is spent. As a result, any charity initiative – no matter how unconventional it may look – is potentially capable of raising enough money for completing its mission. The important thing is to reach out to the right community.

We have collected some examples of interesting social impact projects and unconventional fundraising campaigns, powered by the blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Clean Water Coin
This project is aimed at helping people in Africa and other regions, suffering from lack of drinking water. It is a crypto wallet with a unique function built into it – every Clean Water Coin user or miner helps provide water to the needy and save lives. Every transaction made in the network, including miner’s payouts from the pools, automatically donates 0,1% to the Charity Wallet. From this wallet the money is directed to CharityWater Org. and spent on freshwater. Apart from fundraising, the project seeks to increase public awareness of the fact that a huge number of people still have limited or no access to the basic necessities of life.

Mission Blue
The idea initiator of Mission Blue is Sylvia Earley, a marine biologist who is conducting research on coral reefs ecosystem. Mission Blue uses the blockchain technology is two ways. First, the research data collected is planned to be stored in the distributed ledger. Second, the project uses donations and micro investments in cryptocurrencies to implement environmental programs for protected ocean areas in different parts of the world. 

This project is a fruit of the partnership of SENS Research Foundation (a non-profit fighting the age-related diseases and aging) and Enjin platform. Together, they launched the Donation Store – a platform using blockchain tools and ERC-1155 tokens ‘to kickstart a true rejuvenation biotechnology industry’. The project has a blessing of Vitalik Buterin himself, who mentioned that he was happy to personally support the initiative for creating solutions to the greatest problems of humanity. Also, any user can donate some crypto on the SENS website – financial aid is accepted in BTC, ETH and LTC.

The Internet Archive Foundation
The mission of this non-profit is to store cached history of the online culture, providing us access to web pages, graphics, video, audio, software and more. Though the records themselves are not stored on blockchain, the Internet Archive accepts donations in crypto (BTC, BCH, ETH, ZCASH). Recently, it was given a boost by an anonymous crypto millionaire.

A global blockchain event, launched by Cointelegraph, began a fundraising campaign to reconstruct the Notre Dame, greatly damaged by the fire in April 2019. The team published 2 digital wallets for transferring crypto donations (Bitcoin, Ethereum), also providing the link to the Foundations Du Patrimoine website, accepting donations in conventional currencies. Smart choice!

Cherry Blossom Festival
The Japanese castle city of Hirosaki, that annually hosts the famous Cherry Blossom Festival, has partnered with crypto exchange Coincheck to raise funds for preserving the local historic attractions. The cryptocurrency donations are to be spent on taking care of 2,600 cherry trees and maintain the stone wall of Hirosaki Castle. They say, though, that the primary goal of the municipal authorities is to promote the city on an  international level. It’s supposed, that donors will want to visit Hirosaki when the cherry trees are in full blossom, to see the results of their charitable efforts.

As we see, blockchain is a universal power that can drive any project, including those focused on social good.

Let us use this opportunity to remind you about the upcoming launch of Exscudo Charity platform that will put commercial innovations to good use. You will have a lot of donation options, conveniently categorized in the platform catalog.

Hopefully, our partner projects will be no less inspiring than those mentioned in the article.
The details are to be revealed soon, follow us not to miss anything!

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