Blockchain keeps your money and messages safe

Our products are secured agains hackers and accidents on the level of modern nuclear facilities.

Proprietary blockchain

We developed EON blockchain specifically for use with our technologies.
It ensures stable operation of exscudo products and their reliability.


We don’t store user’s funds in one spot like banks do. Instead, we use a destributed storage solutoin. Nobody can come and tamper with money in our system.
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We use military grade encryption to secure sensetive data.
Even if an outsider got their hands on private data like messages or transaction records, they wouldn’t know what they are looking at.
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Hacker proof

We paid white-hat hackers to crack our security perimeter. Nobody succeeded. We are completly secured against cyberattacks.
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We welcome developers to create new products with EON. Most will be semlessly integrated with Exscudo ecosystem. This means new experiences for our users.