We develop the technology platform

for a global and decentralized product ecosystem designed for business and governments.

Exscudo is interested in cooperation with business- partners to expand our technology and services to new countries and regions, and with international developers to extend the available number of products based on Exscudo`s technology platform.

Mission and Vision

Nowadays, technological systems are developing towards decentralization and the Internet is moving to web3 solutions.

We believe that technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies based on it, which are built on the principles of openness, security, flexibility, privacy, cross-border, and speed of transactions, can supplement and in some cases completely replace the traditional financial system and state management system.

We see that the emergence of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) in many countries proves the advantages of digital assets and the disadvantages of existing fiat money. We know that decentralized and traditional centralized finances can exist together, level out disadvantages and complement the advantages of both approaches.

Following this vision, we set the goal to create a global decentralized ecosystem of products and services that combines the convenience of traditional finances with the advantages and powers of cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem is based on the technology of our secure blockchain — EON.

Since 2017 Exscudo works on a financial ecosystem of products and services based on the proprietary technology platform for developers. We have already built the gateway network between payment systems, international banks, online acquires, and various blockchain networks, and developed a powerful core to exchange any currency integrated into Exscudo platform at the best rates. Accounting core and clearing processing are based on the secure blockchain.

The Exscudo team evangelizes the principles of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and is moving toward the gradual transfer of the entire platform to the ideas of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). A private DAO community of key regional partners and the project team, based on self-regulation principles, will be able to influence the platform and the ecosystem development.

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Find out media publications and interviews with the core team members about our mission and vision of global finances and technology development. We truly believe that new decentralized financial technology can make the world a better place.


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